By entering the event you agree to abide by the rules and any instructions which are given by the organiser before and during the event, including instructions given by the safety boat, this may include being instructed to head straight to shore, or to discontinue the race, or to be taken aboard the safety boat.

You also agree that you understand that sea paddling takes place in an ever-changing environment which by its very nature carries an element of inherent risk. Participants must be aware of the dangers posed by participating in paddle sports and the paddling environment. All participants must have the ability to self-rescue. Paddlers who cannot perform a self-rescue without a paddle float must carry one. Anyone who is in any doubt of their ability to self-rescue in the conditions on the day must paddle with a buddy who is able to assist and must inform the event organiser that they are doing this.

By entering you agree to provide appropriate assistance to other participants in difficulty during the event while not placing yourself in any unnecessary danger.

The routes have easy landing along their length but no road access for parts of them. The routes are open to winds, swell and gusts. The weather can change very quickly and care should be taken by participants before, during and after the event. Care should be taken on shores in breaking waves.


The safety of kayaks and equipment, their management and insurance, shall be the sole responsibility of the entrant.

The following equipment is required.

All participants:

  • a 50N buoyancy aid which conforms to CE standard ISO12402-5;
  • a VHF radio or a mobile phone (in a waterproof pouch and usable at sea); and
  • a whistle.

In addition, paddle boards, ocean surf skis and ocean canoes must use a leash.

Paddlers must wear clothing which is appropriate to the prevailing conditions. It is recommended that a windproof jacket is carried in case the paddler has to retire during the event.

Spot inspections may be carried out prior to and during the event and failure to comply with the equipment requirements will result in you not being allowed to participate.

Paddle craft taking part in the event

The event is suitable for paddle boards, sea and sea racing kayaks, ocean surf skis and ocean canoes. To be accepted, they must be in sea-worthy condition and have sufficient buoyancy fitted, or have a watertight compartment which ensures they float when full of water. It is not suitable for flat water racing boats. If you are unsure as to whether your boat is suitable please contact the organiser. 

Safety on land

Care should be taken when parking and carrying boats to the water. Paddlers should wear appropriate footwear. Please use only the designated parking area, the Nairn Links public car park.

Emergency Situations

In case of emergency then the coastguard can be called on channel 16. However a working VHF channel and a contact phone number will be advised at the briefing.

Other Craft

All paddlers must be alert to the presence of other craft while on and off the water, should take avoiding action, and should assume at all times that other craft have right of way.

Safety Boat

If it is necessary for the safety boat to take the paddler on board damage to the board/canoe/kayak/ski may occur. Efforts will be made to avoid this, but the safety of the paddler, the safety boat crew and the safety boat itself takes precedence over the paddler’s craft, and so damage may occur. 


Entrants must hold third party indemnity insurance through membership of the Scottish Canoe Association (SCA) or one of the British Canoeing home nation organisations. Proof of membership must be provided. Temporary membership can be purchased on the day of the event (SCA insurance costs £5.00).

Identification numbers

All craft must display an identification number which will be provided on acceptance of entry during scrutiny.


All retirals must be notified as soon as is possible in order that assistance may be offered to recover the paddler. The retiree must ensure that they receive a response. This is a requirement to prevent an unnecessary search.

Age groups

The age groups are as defined by the Scottish Canoe Asociation Ocean Racing Committee and the number of prizes will be dependent on sizes of class/age group entries.


Protests must be notified to the organiser and then confirmed in writing within thirty minutes of the end of the event. Protests will be considered by three members of the organising committee of Nairn Kayak Club.

Any clarification, instructions or arbitration on any of the above rules made by the organiser shall be final.